Zero Install .NET API 2.20.0
ZeroInstall.Archives.Builders.TarBz2Builder Class Reference

Builds a BZip2-compressed TAR archive (.tar.bz2). More...

Inheritance diagram for ZeroInstall.Archives.Builders.TarBz2Builder:
ZeroInstall.Archives.Builders.TarBuilder ZeroInstall.Archives.Builders.IArchiveBuilder ZeroInstall.Store.FileSystem.IForwardOnlyBuilder

Public Member Functions

 TarBz2Builder (Stream stream)
 Creates a TAR BZip2 archive builder. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ZeroInstall.Archives.Builders.TarBuilder
 TarBuilder (Stream stream)
 Creates a TAR archive builder. More...
void Dispose ()
void AddDirectory (string path)
 Adds a subdirectory to the implementation. More...
void AddFile (string path, Stream stream, UnixTime modifiedTime, bool executable=false)
 Adds a file to the implementation. More...
void AddSymlink (string path, string target)
 Adds a symbolic link to the implementation. More...
void AddHardlink (string path, string target, bool executable=false)
 Adds a hardlink to the implementation. More...

Detailed Description

Builds a BZip2-compressed TAR archive (.tar.bz2).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TarBz2Builder()

ZeroInstall.Archives.Builders.TarBz2Builder.TarBz2Builder ( Stream  stream)

Creates a TAR BZip2 archive builder.

streamThe stream to write the archive to. Will be disposed when the builder is disposed.

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