Zero Install .NET API 2.20.0
ZeroInstall.Model.Selection.SelectionCandidate Class Reference

Represents an Implementation that is available to a solver for selection. More...

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Public Member Functions

 SelectionCandidate (FeedUri feedUri, FeedPreferences feedPreferences, Implementation implementation, Requirements requirements, bool offlineUncached=false)
 Creates a new selection candidate. More...
override string ToString ()
 Returns the selection candidate in the form "SelectionCandidate: Implementation". Not safe for parsing!
bool Equals (SelectionCandidate? other)
override bool Equals (object? obj)
override int GetHashCode ()


Implementation Implementation [get]
 The implementation this selection candidate references.
FeedUri FeedUri [get]
 The file name or URL of the feed listing the implementation.
FeedPreferences FeedPreferences [get]
 The FeedPreferences for FeedUri.
ImplementationVersion Version [get]
 The version number of the implementation.
DateTime Released [get]
 The date this implementation was made available. For development versions checked out from version control this attribute should not be present.
Stability Stability [get]
 The feed-specified stability rating for this implementation.
Stability UserStability [getset]
 A user-specified override for the Stability specified in the feed.
Stability EffectiveStability [get]
 The UserStability if it is set, otherwise Stability.
string Architecture [get]
 For platform-specific binaries, the platform for which an Implementation was compiled, in the form os-cpu. Either the os or cpu part may be *, which will make it available on any OS or CPU.
string? Notes [get]
 Human-readable notes about the implementation, e.g. "not suitable for this architecture".
bool IsSuitable [get]
 Indicates whether this implementation fulfills all specified Requirements.

Detailed Description

Represents an Implementation that is available to a solver for selection.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SelectionCandidate()

ZeroInstall.Model.Selection.SelectionCandidate.SelectionCandidate ( FeedUri  feedUri,
FeedPreferences  feedPreferences,
Implementation  implementation,
Requirements  requirements,
bool  offlineUncached = false 

Creates a new selection candidate.

feedUriThe file name or URL of the feed listing the implementation.
feedPreferencesThe FeedPreferences for FeedUri.
implementationThe implementation this selection candidate references.
requirementsA set of requirements/restrictions the implementation needs to fulfill for IsSuitable to be true.
offlineUncachedMark this candidate as unsuitable because it is uncached and the network mode is set to offline.

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