Zero Install .NET API 2.20.0
ZeroInstall.Publish.EntryPoints.Java Class Reference

A compiled Java application. More...

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ZeroInstall.Publish.EntryPoints.Candidate ZeroInstall.Publish.EntryPoints.JavaClass ZeroInstall.Publish.EntryPoints.JavaJar

Public Member Functions

override bool Equals (object? obj)
override int GetHashCode ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ZeroInstall.Publish.EntryPoints.Candidate
abstract Command CreateCommand ()
 Creates a Command to launch this entry point. More...
override string ToString ()
override bool Equals (object? obj)
override int GetHashCode ()

Protected Member Functions

bool Equals (Java? other)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ZeroInstall.Publish.EntryPoints.Candidate
bool IsExecutable (string path)
 Determines whether a file is executable.
bool Equals (Candidate? other)


ImplementationVersionMinimumRuntimeVersion [getset]
 The minimum version of the Java Runtime Environment required by the application.
bool ExternalDependencies [getset]
 Does this application have external dependencies that need to be injected by Zero Install? Only enable if you are sure!
bool GuiOnly [getset]
 Does this application have a graphical interface an no terminal output? Only enable if you are sure!
- Properties inherited from ZeroInstall.Publish.EntryPoints.Candidate
DirectoryInfo? BaseDirectory [get]
 The base directory containing the entire application.
string? RelativePath [getset]
 The path of this entry point relative to BaseDirectory.
string? Name [getset]
 The application's name. More...
string? Summary [getset]
 Short one-line description; the first word should not be upper-case unless it is a proper noun (e.g. "cures all ills"). More...
bool NeedsTerminal [getset]
 A suggestion for Feed.NeedsTerminal.
ImplementationVersionVersion [getset]
 The application's current version. More...
Architecture Architecture [getset]
 A suggestion for TargetBase.Architecture.
string? Category [getset]
 The main category of the application. May influence the placement in the start menu.
string CommandName [get]
 The Command.Name used by CreateCommand.

Additional Inherited Members

- Package Functions inherited from ZeroInstall.Publish.EntryPoints.Candidate
virtual bool Analyze (DirectoryInfo baseDirectory, FileInfo file)
 Analyzes a file to determine whether it matches this candidate type and extracts meta data. More...

Detailed Description

A compiled Java application.

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