Zero Install .NET API 2.20.0
ZeroInstall.Store.Trust.OpenPgpSecretKey Class Reference

Represents a secret key stored in a local IOpenPgp profile. More...

Inheritance diagram for ZeroInstall.Store.Trust.OpenPgpSecretKey:
ZeroInstall.Store.Trust.IFingerprintContainer ZeroInstall.Store.Trust.IKeyIDContainer

Public Member Functions

override string ToString ()
 Returns the secret key in the form "UserID". Not safe for parsing!
bool Equals (OpenPgpSecretKey? other)
override bool Equals (object? obj)
override int GetHashCode ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool operator== (OpenPgpSecretKey? left, OpenPgpSecretKey? right)
static bool operator!= (OpenPgpSecretKey? left, OpenPgpSecretKey? right)


long KeyID [get]
byte[] Fingerprint [get]
string UserID [get]
 The user's name, e-mail address, etc. of the key owner.
- Properties inherited from ZeroInstall.Store.Trust.IFingerprintContainer
byte[] Fingerprint [get]
 An OpenPGP key fingerprint. A long identifier for a key. Superset of IKeyIDContainer.KeyID.
- Properties inherited from ZeroInstall.Store.Trust.IKeyIDContainer
long KeyID [get]
 An OpenPGP key ID. A short identifier for a key. The lower 64 bits of IFingerprintContainer.Fingerprint.

Detailed Description

Represents a secret key stored in a local IOpenPgp profile.

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