Zero Install .NET API 2.20.0
ZeroInstall.Store.ViewModel.CacheNodeBuilder Class Reference

Builds a list of CacheNodes for Feeds and Implementations. More...

Inheritance diagram for ZeroInstall.Store.ViewModel.CacheNodeBuilder:
NanoByte::Common::Tasks::TaskBase NanoByte::Common::Tasks::ITask

Protected Member Functions

override void Execute ()


override string Name [get]
override bool UnitsByte [get]
NamedCollection< CacheNode >? Nodes [get]
 All generated nodes.
long TotalSize [get]
 The total size of all Implementations in bytes.
- Properties inherited from NanoByte::Common::Tasks::TaskBase
abstract string Name
object? Tag
virtual bool CanCancel
TaskState State
abstract bool UnitsByte
long UnitsProcessed
long UnitsTotal
- Properties inherited from NanoByte::Common::Tasks::ITask
string Name
object? Tag
bool CanCancel

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from NanoByte::Common::Tasks::TaskBase
void Run (CancellationToken cancellationToken=default, ICredentialProvider? credentialProvider=null, IProgress< TaskSnapshot >? progress=null)
- Protected Attributes inherited from NanoByte::Common::Tasks::TaskBase
CancellationToken CancellationToken
ICredentialProvider? CredentialProvider

Detailed Description

Builds a list of CacheNodes for Feeds and Implementations.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Execute()

override void ZeroInstall.Store.ViewModel.CacheNodeBuilder.Execute ( )

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