Zero Install .NET API 2.20.0
ZeroInstall.Model.IRecipeStep Interface Reference

A retrieval step is a part of a Recipe. More...

Inheritance diagram for ZeroInstall.Model.IRecipeStep:
NanoByte.Common.ICloneable< IRecipeStep > ZeroInstall.Model.CopyFromStep ZeroInstall.Model.DownloadRetrievalMethod ZeroInstall.Model.RemoveStep ZeroInstall.Model.RenameStep ZeroInstall.Model.Archive ZeroInstall.Model.SingleFile

Public Member Functions

void Normalize (FeedUri? feedUri=null)
 Converts legacy elements, sets default values, etc.. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from NanoByte.Common.ICloneable< IRecipeStep >
IRecipeStep Clone ()

Detailed Description

A retrieval step is a part of a Recipe.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Normalize()

void ZeroInstall.Model.IRecipeStep.Normalize ( FeedUri feedUri = null)

Converts legacy elements, sets default values, etc..

feedUriThe feed the data was originally loaded from.
UriFormatExceptionDownloadRetrievalMethod.Href is relative and feedUri is a remote URI.

Implemented in ZeroInstall.Model.Archive, ZeroInstall.Model.CopyFromStep, ZeroInstall.Model.DownloadRetrievalMethod, ZeroInstall.Model.RemoveStep, ZeroInstall.Model.RenameStep, and ZeroInstall.Model.SingleFile.

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