Zero Install .NET API  2.18.2
ZeroInstall Namespace Reference


namespace  Commands
 Command-line interface for Zero Install. Both an actual CLI and a library for building other clients. NuGet: ZeroInstall.Commands
namespace  DesktopIntegration
 Methods for integrating applications with desktop environments (creating menu entries, etc.) based on their specified capabilities. NuGet: ZeroInstall.DesktopIntegration
namespace  Model
 Zero Install data model for the feed format. NuGet: ZeroInstall.Model
namespace  Publish
 Utilities for creating and modifying feed files. NuGet: ZeroInstall.Publish
namespace  Services
 Core services like solving dependencies, downloading implementations and execution selections. NuGet: ZeroInstall.Services, ZeroInstall.Services.Interfaces
namespace  Store
 Zero Install management of on-disk caches, signature verification, etc. NuGet: ZeroInstall.Store