Zero Install .NET API  2.18.2
ZeroInstall.Store.Implementations Namespace Reference

Caches for implementations (called stores) and logic for manifest generation. More...


namespace  Archives
 Logic for extracting and creating various kinds of archives.
namespace  Build
 Utilities and base classes for building implementation directories.
namespace  Deployment
 Logic for deploying implementations to locations outside an implementation cache; mainly used to deploy Zero Install itself.
namespace  Manifests
 Manifests list every file, directory and symlink in the tree to allow for digest/hash calculation.


class  CompositeImplementationStore
 Combines multiple IImplementationStores as a composite. Adds memory caching for IImplementationStore.Contains(ManifestDigest). More...
class  DigestMismatchException
 Indicates that the ManifestDigest of an implementation does not match the expected value. More...
class  DiskImplementationStore
 Manages a cache directory that stores Implementations, each in its own sub-directory named by its ManifestDigest. More...
class  FetchHandle
 Provides a way to share an Implementation fetch callback as per-thread ambient state. More...
interface  IImplementationStore
 Describes an object that allows the storage and retrieval of Implementation directories. More...
class  ImplementationAlreadyInStoreException
 Indicates an Implementation being added to an IImplementationStore is already in the store. More...
class  ImplementationNotFoundException
 Indicates an Implementation could not be found in a IImplementationStore. More...
class  ImplementationStores
 Manages implementation store directories and provides IImplementationStore instances. More...
class  ImplementationStoreUtils
 Helper methods for IImplementationStores and paths. More...


enum  ImplementationStoreKind { ImplementationStoreKind.ReadWrite, ImplementationStoreKind.ReadOnly, ImplementationStoreKind.Service }
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Detailed Description

Caches for implementations (called stores) and logic for manifest generation.

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This store can be written to directly.


This store cannot be modified.


This store is managed by a background service.