Zero Install .NET API  2.18.6
Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NCommandsCommand-line interface for Zero Install. Both an actual CLI and a library for building other clients. NuGet: ZeroInstall.Commands
 NBasicCLI commands for Zero Install's core features
 NExportersUtilitiy classes for exporting data from Zero Install
 NDesktopCLI commands for Zero Install's desktop integration features
 NSelfManagementUtility classes for installing/uninstalling Zero Install itself
 NDesktopIntegrationMethods for integrating applications with desktop environments (creating menu entries, etc.) based on their specified capabilities. NuGet: ZeroInstall.DesktopIntegration
 NAccessPointsStructures for parsing and in-memory representation of access points applied to a system
 NUnixDesktop integration code for Unix-like systems (e.g. Linux)
 NViewModelClasses that wrap desktop integration capabilities in a data binding-friendly manner
 NWindowsWindows-specific desktop integration code
 NModelZero Install data model for the feed format. NuGet: ZeroInstall.Model
 NCapabilitiesExtends the feed format with structures for describing application capabilities. This forms the basis for desktop integration
 NDesignTypeConverters for value types defined in this assembly
 NPreferencesStructures for user-specified preferences and overrides for interfaces, feeds and implementations
 NSelectionStructures for representing Solver results
 NPublishUtilities for creating and modifying feed files. NuGet: ZeroInstall.Publish
 NCaptureBuilds feeds by creating and comparing snapshots of the system before and after an application was installed
 NEntryPointsAutomatic detection of application entry points
 NDesignTypeConverters used for serialization and to provide a better runtime experience when using PropertyGrids
 NServicesCore services like solving dependencies, downloading implementations and execution selections. NuGet: ZeroInstall.Services, ZeroInstall.Services.Interfaces
 NExecutorsLaunches implementations and injects the selected dependencies
 NFeedsLogic for downloading and verifying feeds
 NFetchersDownloads and extracts implementations
 NNativeOperating system specific services such as native package managers
 NSolversSolves requirements by selecting a specific combination of implementations from feeds
 NStoreZero Install management of on-disk caches, signature verification, etc. NuGet: ZeroInstall.Store
 NFeedsCaches for feeds
 NImplementationsCaches for implementations (called stores) and logic for manifest generation
 NArchivesLogic for extracting and creating various kinds of archives
 NBuildUtilities and base classes for building implementation directories
 NDeploymentLogic for deploying implementations to locations outside an implementation cache; mainly used to deploy Zero Install itself
 NManifestsManifests list every file, directory and symlink in the tree to allow for digest/hash calculation
 NTrustStructures and logic for OpenPGP signatures and trust (which domains the user associates with which signatures)
 NViewModelModels information about configuration and cache elements for display in a UI