Zero Install .NET API 2.20.0
ZeroInstall.Model.VersionDottedList Struct Reference

Represents a dotted-list part of a ImplementationVersion. More...

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Public Member Functions

 VersionDottedList (string value)
 Creates a new dotted-list from a a string. More...
override string ToString ()
bool Equals (VersionDottedList other)
override bool Equals (object? obj)
override int GetHashCode ()
int CompareTo (VersionDottedList other)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool IsValid (string value)
 Checks whether a string represents a valid dotted-list.
static bool operator== (VersionDottedList left, VersionDottedList right)
static bool operator!= (VersionDottedList left, VersionDottedList right)
static bool operator< (VersionDottedList left, VersionDottedList right)
static bool operator> (VersionDottedList left, VersionDottedList right)
static bool operator<= (VersionDottedList left, VersionDottedList right)
static bool operator>= (VersionDottedList left, VersionDottedList right)


IReadOnlyList< long >? Decimals [get]
 The individual decimals.

Detailed Description

Represents a dotted-list part of a ImplementationVersion.

This is the syntax for valid dot-separated decimals:

DottedList := (Integer ("." Integer)*)

This class is immutable and thread-safe.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ VersionDottedList()

ZeroInstall.Model.VersionDottedList.VersionDottedList ( string  value)

Creates a new dotted-list from a a string.

valueThe string containing the dotted-list.
FormatExceptionvalue is not a valid dotted-list.

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