Zero Install .NET API 2.20.0
ZeroInstall.Publish.EntryPoints.PEHeader.ImageDosHeader Struct Reference

Public Attributes

UInt16 e_magic
UInt16 e_cblp
UInt16 e_cp
UInt16 e_crlc
UInt16 e_cparhdr
UInt16 e_minalloc
UInt16 e_maxalloc
UInt16 e_ss
UInt16 e_sp
UInt16 e_csum
UInt16 e_ip
UInt16 e_cs
UInt16 e_lfarlc
UInt16 e_ovno
UInt16 e_res_0
UInt16 e_res_1
UInt16 e_res_2
UInt16 e_res_3
UInt16 e_oemid
UInt16 e_oeminfo
UInt16 e_res2_0
UInt16 e_res2_1
UInt16 e_res2_2
UInt16 e_res2_3
UInt16 e_res2_4
UInt16 e_res2_5
UInt16 e_res2_6
UInt16 e_res2_7
UInt16 e_res2_8
UInt16 e_res2_9
UInt32 e_lfanew

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