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Zero Install .NET API

Zero Install is a decentralized cross-platform software installation system. You can learn more at

This website documents the Zero Install .NET API. You can use this to integrate Zero Install features into your own application.

NuGet packages

Package Namespace Description
ZeroInstall.Model ZeroInstall.Model Data model for the Zero Install feed format.
ZeroInstall.Client ZeroInstall.Client Client library for invoking Zero Install commands from within other applications.
ZeroInstall.Store ZeroInstall.Store Management of implementation caches, digital signatures, etc..
ZeroInstall.Archives ZeroInstall.Archives Extracting and building archives (.zip, .tar, etc.).
ZeroInstall.Services ZeroInstall.Services Services for solving dependencies, downloading implementations, executing apps, etc..
ZeroInstall.DesktopIntegration ZeroInstall.DesktopIntegration Integrating applications with desktop environments (creating menu entries, etc.).
ZeroInstall.Commands ZeroInstall.Commands Command-line interface for Zero Install. The binary in this package serves both as an actual CLI and a library for building other clients.
ZeroInstall.Publish ZeroInstall.Publish Utilities for creating and modifying feed files.


flowchart TD
    commands[ZeroInstall.Commands] --> services
    commands --> desktop_integration
    publish[ZeroInstall.Publish] --> client
    publish --> archives
    publish --> desktop_integration
    services[ZeroInstall.Services] --> archives
    archives[ZeroInstall.Archives] --> store
    desktop_integration[ZeroInstall.DesktopIntegration] --> store
    client[ZeroInstall.Client] --> model
    store[ZeroInstall.Store] --> model